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The first castle built by the Sword Order named Wittenstein Castle ("made of white stone") was mentioned for the first time in 1209. It was located to the north from the bishop's castle. the castle was destoyed by townfolk in the war with the Order. Townpeople had to build a new castle for the Livonian Order at the site of the Holy Spirit hospital under condition to dismantle part of the town's fortification wall and to open the town from the castle's side. The tower of the Holy Spirit and a fragment of the fortification wall were added to the castle that was built under the supervision of master D.Kriege in 1330-1353. In 1484 townpeople destroyed this bilding as well but they were obliged to rebuild it and the construction was completed by 1515.

In the end of the XVI and in the XVII the castle was joined into the town's fortification system. In the XVIII the mosat surrounding the castle was filled up and the square near the castle was constructed.

In the XVII-XVIII several wings were added to the castle as it was used as a public building by polish and Swedish officials. In the XVIII it became a residence for Russian governor general. today a part of the building is going to be rebuilt for presenta tions.

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